Signature: Parquet in Legni Pregiati | Woodco
Signature: Parquet in Legni Pregiati | Woodco
Signature è la collezione Woodco di parquet in legni pregiati. Essenze Rovere e Noce, alta qualità dei legni selezionati e lavorazione artigianale
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Creative intuition very often stems from simplicity. A single element, if well thought out, can give shape to a module, which in turn becomes a system and finally, a project. This is the idea behind the development of Arrow, the new parquet style that encourages freely imaginative design and gives shape to endless floor laying patterns. In addition to the traditional Italian herringbone pattern, more or less tightly designed combinations and weaves can be created, giving life to modular patterns that can be easily replicated even in large sizes.

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With its timeless elegance, the Hungarian herringbone not only modifies the optical perception of the environments, but is also able to transform them into an evocative and narrative-rich place. Used in the past in historic buildings and in the most prestigious residences, the Hungarian herringbone has become a distinctive element for sophisticated and modern interiors. Within the Dream collection, we offer the Hungarian herringbone format with an angle of 52 degrees and available in 33 colors.


Slim is the collection that concentrates all the elegance and aesthetic value of a real parquet in just 10 mm thickness to make wood an optimal choice even in cases of renovation or in the presence of radiant floors. Available not only in the classic 120 mm wide format, but also in the large 180 mm wide plank.

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When the mastery of an art achieves excellence and produces works that are crafted down to the finest detail to the point of becoming singular, the artist’s signature becomes a guarantee of value and uniqueness. Thus the exclusive character of a parquet called SIGNATURE: planks that are born of the work carried out by expert hands of proven experience. The highest expression of traditional knowledge that blends ancient techniques and tools with the most modern technologies. An extraordinary mix of ideas and skills that gives life to unique floors, which decorate the most sought-after environments.
SIGNATURE is much more than a collection of prestigious parquets made of high quality wood by expert Italian artisans. It is a precious resource for interior designers and architects who want to use the parquet as a distinctive and valuable element for their furnishing projects.




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