BerryAlloc | Woodco
BerryAlloc | Woodco
Woodco è importatore esclusivo per l’Italia dei pavimenti vinilici e in laminato Berry Alloc, pavimenti all’avanguardia e di qualità
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Discover the new Dream Collection
A collection that is particularly rich in colours, finishes and formats to give shape to every idea of what a home can be and make sure that every room expresses something unique and personal.


Signature: the art of the parquet
When the mastery of an art achieves excellence and produces works that are crafted down to the finest detail to the point of becoming singular, the artist’s signature becomes a guarantee of value and uniqueness. Thus the exclusive character of a parquet called SIGNATURE: planks that are born of the work carried out by expert hands of proven experience.


Browse Slim Collection
SLIM is the collection that concentrates all the elegance and aesthetic value of a true parquet in just 10 mm of thickness, making wood an excellent choice even for renovations or with heated floors.

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In 2001 we started working in partnership with the Norwegian company Alloc, world leader in the production of high-end HPL and DPL floors. Alloc has always offered a complete range of high-tech materials suitable for commercial and domestic use.
The combination of beauty and design with the strength and resistance of the exclusive aluminum locking system made possible for Alloc range to achieve great success over time.
In 2012 the merger between Alloc and the Belgian brand Berry Floor took place. Together they create the new BerryAlloc brand and Woodco becomes exclusive importer for Italy. The range of products is expanded with new collections, the historical lines become high-tech laminates and a new product appears: the LVT vinyl floor.
The collaboration with BerryAlloc allows Woodco to offer laminate flooring and vinyl floors on the Italian market, with cutting-edge technical features, recognized and appreciated quality on a world-wide level and unparalleled and futuristic design finishes.